London's Leading Antiquities Dealer

Ancient & Oriental is the online home of Ancient Art – London’s leading purveyor of antiquities and coins. The company has been actively dealing in ancient artefacts and coins from different cultures and periods, for over 50 years, from our gallery and offices in London, UK. We offer a vast range of antiquities for sale to private collectors and art dealers. Whether you are just starting your collection, looking to purchase a gift for an ancient history enthusiast or wish to own an exquisite, one-of-a-kind piece of history, we have something to suit all:

All our items come with a certificate of authenticity, approved by prestigious antiquity and numismatic associations - ADA, Lapada, BNTA, CINOA.

Our Antiquities for Sale

Ancient art may be procured as a whole collection of artefacts, instead of just individual pieces. As a reputable antiquities dealer, we are always inspired to seek out new collections and buy lots of interest to our clients. Whether a treasured find from a Chinese shipwreck, or part of a mass haul uncovered during an archeological dig, we aim to bring you exciting pieces of art and historical interest which are never to be found again.

Newly Added Ancient Artefacts

Browse a few of our favourite pieces, special offers and exciting new stock. If you spot something you love, get in quick - all antiquities are technically one-off pieces due to their uniqueness and handmade nature. Miss it, and you'll miss out!

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