Romano-Egyptian Cast Glass Unguentarium

As well as offering one of the largest collections of antiquities for purchase, we also offer a number of services that will aid in the purchase and identification of an antiquity:

Buying an antiquity

Whether you require assistance in sourcing your first antiquity or already have an established collection we will offer advice and guidance. For those looking to begin their collection or for those wishing to purchase a significant investment piece.

Sourcing particular pieces for a collection

If you are after a particular object to add to your collection we can facilitate in sourcing such a piece.

Identification and Valuation

Many people come across items, either through metal detecting or passed down through generations and do not know firstly, if their object is authentic and secondly, if it holds value. We can aid in determining whether an object is a genuine antiquity.  If the object lies in our areas of expertise we will provide what further information we can, from dating the piece, to the region the object most likely came from. Lastly, if desired, we can ascertain the value of the piece.

Insurance Valuation

After identifying if you possess a genuine antiquity, we can aid in the valuation process, specifically for insurance purposes.

Selling an antiquity

Many of our pieces come to us from private collectors. Whether an item has been bequeathed to you or you wish to part with an object bought previously, we can advise you and assist with the transfer of property.

Care and display of antiquities

We also offer services in photography (this can be for insurances purposes or for your personal records), cleaning and mounting. Cleaning and mounting antiquities is a delicate process and requires a deal of expertise. We can assist with the whole process to ensure your antiquity is handled with care, professionalism and that the end result does the piece justice.

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