It is highly important that when purchasing an antiquity that you do so with the assurance that the item is completely genuine. In a market where there can be an infiltration of fakes and copies, buying from the correct dealer is a priority. A reputable dealer will belong to a trade organisation that will abide by strict acquisition guidelines, guarantee the authenticity of their inventory and actively enforce a due diligence policy. 

  With over 40 years in the antiquities market, Ancient & Oriental have maintained a highly credible reputation. Our proprietor, Chris Martin, serves as the Chairman for both the ADA and the BNTA and thus we abide by the strict codes of conducts they set. Chris has also been appointed by the Culture Secretary to sit on the Treasure Valuation Committee for a five year term, starting in 2016.

Further information on the Codes of Conduct enforced by the ADA and BNTA can be found here: