Welcome to Ancient & Oriental’s New Website

It’s finally here!

It’s taken months of hard work, planning, analysing, creativity, data and detail – and several experts in their field – to help us put together our new and improved website. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Though informative, we felt our old site lacked the modern features you needed to help you find and discover all those ancient items to cherish. So we focused on usability and our visitors – and improved our ability to be found via search engines such as Google.

Working with Corina Darnborough from Pixifire SEO & Digital Marketing on the website’s structure, SEO, content and navigation, and Mehmet Koroglu of Turquoize Designz on the web design and development, we learned so much along the way. Tweaking and refining, until we found a place for every artefact. With several different ways to search and filter, our customers are now able to find items based on their interests in the product, the civilisation, the features, designs, patterns or even material it is made from.

Our Gallery Manager, Anastasia, has been beavering away writing product descriptions (and learning to code!), while our Gallery Assistant, Francesca, has been coming up with some great customer-centric ideas and social media buzz. Our team of interns helped to add all the products – they did a great job as they had to work with the system while we were building and changing it. Finally, our founder and owner, Chris, has been both excited (and baffled!) by all the clever technical things going on in the office.

So, what’s in store for our valued customers and new visitors?

Over the coming months, we will be introducing you to ancient art and culture, with informative articles, industry knowledge and a wide selection of authentic certified antiquities for you to purchase.  We will also explain any current regulations to ensure you are informed with regards to selling or registering your artefacts with the appropriate authorities.

Let us know what you think

As with any new website, if you spot any teething problems or have any suggestions for future improvements our team would love to hear from you. We’re keen to make this the best antiquities website out there on the internet. On the planet.

If you have an idea for an article you’d love to see on the site, again, pop us a message and our content wizards will gladly listen.

Thank you, from all of us!

Thank you for your valued custom so far, we really appreciate you. If you like the site, please do tell your friends and colleagues and share the love on social media. Our mission is to bring the beautiful world of antiquities and ancient art to all.

By Virginia,

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