Ancient Daggers, Dirks, Swords & Quillons

Ancient swords and daggers are often collected by weaponry enthusiasts, but equally, they can make interesting archaeological gifts. Controlled excavations in north-west Persia have shown that a very wide range of Luristan bronze daggers, dirks and iron swords were used in the region during the last centuries of the second and the earlier centuries of the first millennium BC. Luristan daggers are predominantly very fine pieces of casting, often with elaborately modelled hilts, and made at least in part by the ‘lost-wax process’. Genuine ancient Roman daggers are less frequently offered for sale, but we sometimes have the dagger quillons (the bronze crossguard where the hilt and the blade join) and additonally, we can always try to source a specific weaponry item for you. Medieval daggers were used by knights and men-at-arms as a last-resort personal weapon in close combat. A typical Medieval cavalry would employ a wide range of weapons for different battle situations.

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