France contains some extremely important Neolithic cave sites and certain areas have produced prolific examples of flint tools and other artefacts. The Bronze age in Framce saw the adoption of the Beaker culture (2800-1900 BC) that was spread across western Europe; this culture saw more elaborate burial practices, with burial mounds often containing precious metal ornaments and weapons, as well as this a beaker was commonly placed next to the body. The Iron Age saw the adoption of the Celtic or proto-Celtic culture that was spread across western Europe which would have a continuing effect of the artistic style of France. As well as this, the Iron Age saw the founding of a Greek colony at Marseille in 600 BC. This was also the period of the formation of Gaul as a Celtic nation which continued to see Greek and Roman influence in the south, before being invaded by the Romans starting in 125 BC. Roman Gaul saw much cultural syncretism between the native Celtic culture and Roman polytheism forming the Gallo-Roman culture, this syncretism is reflected in artworks of the period. At the fall of the Roman empire, France was invaded by the Barbarians and various Germanic tribes that formed several separate kingdoms before the medieval period.

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