Principal staff

Chris Martin – Managing Director

An early interest in the ancient and mediaeval world led Chris into the world of numismatics and archaeology.  Under the tutelage of the great Dr Colin Kraay of the Ashmolean Museum and the Art lover Dr Eva Frommer he entered the world of collecting at a very young age and developed the passion for these artistic pieces of the past.   Funding his own collection through trading in ancient coins he founded the company in 1971 and has been dealing in the antiquities and numismatic business since and has handled enormous numbers of coins and antiquities. The company was associated with the department store Fortnum and Mason in Piccadilly for many years and organized over 15 exhibitions based on the Ancient world. Within the business he has raised the awareness of tens of thousands of people to the possibility of owning a piece of the past through the brand “Ancient Art” and has nurtured many of these first time buyers to become the collectors of the future.

Chris is currently serving as Chairman of the Antiquities Dealers Association (ADA) and Chairman of the British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA). He has also been appointed by the Culture Secretary to sit on the Treasure Valuation Committee for a five year term, starting in 2016.

Anastasia Hanna – Gallery Manager, Ancient & Oriental

Anastasia joined Ancient & Oriental in 2014. Having always had a personal interest in Ancient Civilisations she studied at University College London (UCL) for both her BA in The Ancient World and MA in The Reception of the Classical World. During such a time she completed modules in Ancient Greek, Latin, The Study of Hieroglyphs and the Evolution of Greek Art. Her principle areas of interest lie mainly in Greek art, Greek mythology, and the reception of Classics through the ages.

Anastasia manages the North London branch of Ancient & Oriental. She is the first point of contact for any enquiries, as well as facilitating in the research and cataloguing of our antiquities.

Ema Šikić – Gallery Manager, St James’s Ancient Art

Ema joined Ancient & Oriental in 2014 after completing an MPhil degree in Classical Archaeology at University of Oxford. Previous degrees include BA in Art History and Archaeology. She specializes in Classical art, religion and numismatics. Previous experience includes working in archaeological museums for numismatic and classical collections, writing descriptions and cataloguing, as well as working in the field excavating Roman settlements and working with osteological remains. Her certifications include Art and Finance (with an emphasis on emerging art markets) and Art Law (issues of authenticity, taxation and cross-border moving of art). For CJ Martin Coins she provides research, cataloguing, editing and marketing services for antiquities. Manager of St. James’s Ancient Art – a sister gallery with high-end antiquities collection. Member of the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies.