Western Europe

Western Europe ranges from Germany to Ireland and typically excludes Spain and Italy which are considered to be of Southern Europe. Ancient Western European art is fairly culturally unified with similar Neolithic cultures that exhibit artefacts from burial practices. Later influence from Viking culture from the North and in France from Southern Europe can be seen at the time of the development of the broad Celtic culture which saw more fortified settlements and specialisation. Fine jewellery and weaponry can be seen across Western Europe from this time with intricate motifs typical of Celtic culture. The arrival of the Roman conquest of Western Europe saw great cultural changes which later included the introduction of Christianity, though the aesthetics of the native culture would continue into the medieval times. At the decline of the Roman Empire the Anglo-Saxon culture developed in Britain which continued to interact with the Vikings and the Franks moved into France. The Vandals originating from east Germany conquered large areas eventually reaching Rome via Spain and Carthage. From Central Europe the Huns and Goths similarly conquered large areas before the Northern conquest of the south ended with conquest from the Byzantine empire. Some of the finest artworks of Western Europe include the Medieval illuminated manuscripts which see influence from native Celtic aesthetics as well as Classical.

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