Selection of Greek Bronze AEs from Maroneia, Thrance


A selection of Greek bronze AE from Maroneia, Thrance. The obverse features a prancing horse facing right with the monogram ΠNK below.  The reverse displays a linear square containing a vine with MAΡ-ΩNI-TΩN written around the perimeter of the shape. YE-monogram can be seen below.

Priced Individually. Please note this is a general lot and individual selection is not available.

Date: Circa 400-350 BC
Condition: Fine condition, green patination and earthly encrustation is visible to the surface.

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Thrance was an ancient country located between Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece. Maroneia was a city found in west Thrance. It was one of the most important and largest Greek colonies. The village was famous for its wine production. In Greek Mythology, it was believed Maron founded Maroneia. However, there are different versions as to his origins, Homer stated he was a priest of Apollo. In Homers Odyssey, Odysseus is gifted sweet wine from Maron, Apollo son of Euanthes, priest of Apollo the patron god of Ismaros (Homer. The Odyssey 9.3), which was a close to Maroneia. However, to some Maron was the son or grandson of Dionysus due to misinterpretation of Greek phrasing in Homer’s text.

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Reference: For a similar item,Museums Victoria, item 2380

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