Alexander the Great Silver (Ar) Tetradrachms


Ancient Greek, Hellenistic period, silver coin featuring on the obverse the head of Alexander the Great dressed as Herakles, wearing the infamous lion-skin headdress. The reverse of the coin depicts the Greek god Zeus, seated to the left on a throne, holding an eagle in his right hand and sceptre in his left. The Greek inscription ΑΛΕΞΑΝ∆ΡΟΥ is written vertically to the right of the figure of Zeus. The legend, written in the genitive case, translates as, ALEXANDROY, meaning [the coinage] ‘of Alexander’.

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Date: Circa 336-323 BC
Condition: Excellent


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The tetradrachm was Alexander’s silver stater, or standard denomination, with more of them minted than any other Alexander denomination. Unlike Alexander’s bronze coinage, which was largely used in local marketplaces, tetradrachms were international, imperial coins that were used in state transactions.

The inclusion of Herakles refers not only to the demi-god’s heroic abilities but to allude to Alexander’s own prowess and supreme lineage

Weight 17 g
Dimensions W 2.2 cm

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