Roman Gallienus & Salonina Bronze Antoninianus Pair


A selection of bronze Roman antoninianii, struck by the Emperor Gallienus and his wife Salonina. Two coins, one from each ruler, will be paired together.

On the obverse, the coin of Gallienus presents the profile of the Emperor, wearing the radiant crown associated with Sol Invictus. The coin of Salonina displays the diademed and draped bust of the Empress, facing right on a crescent. Both profiled heads are framed by the legend, denoting their names and title of Augustus. The reverse features a variety of figures, of divine personifications associated with the Empire, including Aeternitas, Mars, Providentia and Virtus.

Diameter will vary from coin to coin, approximately 1.7cm –  2.0cm.

N.B. Please note that this is a general lot. The image is for reference only. Individual selection is not available. A single order (quantity 1) will consist of two coins, one from the Emperor and one from the Empress. If you would like to order more than 1 pair, please indicate with a quantity higher than 1.

Date: AD 253-268
Condition: Fine condition.

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Publius Licinius Egnatius Gallienus was Roman emperor with his father Valerian from AD 253-260, with Vaerian ruling the East and Gallienus the West. In AD 260 when Valerian was taken captive by the Persians, Gallienus became sole emperor. During his reign, he struggled to keep the empire together. He also introduced military reforms as well as a policy of religious tolerance that lasted for decades. In AD 268, Gallienus was murdered by his senior officers while besieging the insurgent general in Milan. Salonina, his wife and mother of Valerian II and Saloninus, was murdered with her husband.

Weight 7.5 g
Dimensions L 2.0 cm



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