Selection of Claudius Gothicus & Gallienus Billion Antoninianii


A selection of billion Roman antoninianii struck by the Emperors Claudius Gothicus and Gallienus. The obverse features the profile of the Emperor, wearing the radiant crown associated with Sol Invictus. The legend frames the profiled head. The reverse features a variety of figures, of divine personifications associated with the Empire, including Aeternitas, Mars, Providentia and Virtus.

Diameter will vary from coin to coin, approximately 1.7cm –  1.9cm.

N.B. INDIVIDUALLY PRICED. Please note that this is a general lot. The image is for reference only. Individual selection is not available. Single coins will be selected or two coins from different Emperors for a multiple order.

Date: Circa 253 - 270 AD
Condition: Very fine.

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Struck in 215 AD, this coin takes its name from the emperor at the time, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, better known as Caracalla (198-217). It was valued at two denarii, but weighing only 1.5 denarii caused the currency later to suffer inflation and ultimate debasement during Aurelian’s reign (270-275). This corresponded to a decline in the silver content of all silver coinages during the period. The antoninianus was conspicuous for its imperial portrait: the emperor boasted a radiate crown, supposedly indicative of the coin’s value relative to that of the denarius, on which the emperor wore a laurel wreath.

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