Tranquillina Ar. drachm (wife of Gordian III, AD 241-244)


Tranquillina Ar. drachm, SABINIA TRANQVILLINA AV, dr. bust r., rev., MHTPO KAIC ABNE, in ex. ΕΤΔ (date), Mount Argaeus (Sydenham, Caesarea Supp. 617aa)

Date: AD 241-244
Condition: Fine


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Furia Sabinia Tranquillina (c. AD 225 – aft. 244) was married to Emperor Gordian III. This may have been a politically strategic move to secure ties between the emperor and her father, Timesitheus, who became head of the Praetorian Guard in the same year as the wedding. Gordian III was a popular young emperor, becoming sole ruler at thirteen years of age, but his glory (and that of Tranquillina) was short-lived, as he died at the tender age of nineteen.

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