Constantine I Ae. follis

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Constantine I Ae. follis, FL VAL CONSTANTINVS NOB C, laur. cuir. bust r., rev., GENIO POP ROM, in ex. PLN, Genius stg. l., London mint. (RIC 88b)

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Constantine I, also known as Constantine the Great, was Emperor of Rome from 306 – 337 AD. He was initially considered an ‘Augustus of the East’ with Galerius as his ‘Caesar’, until the army declared him the Emperor after his father’s death in 306. After a series of bloody civil wars, which included the defeat of Maxentius in 312 and of Licinius in 324, he emerged as the sole ruler of the East and West combined. Whilst Emperor, he initiated administrative, financial, social, and military reforms to strengthen the Empire. He was also the first Emperor to convert to Christianity, and played a crucial role in the Edict of Milan (313), which secured religious tolerance towards the Christians.



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