Selection of Constans Ae Nummi



A selection of Roman bronze nummi minted under the Emperor Constans I in Lyons. The obverse features the bust of the Emperor, depicted facing left and wearing the pearl-diadem, draped and cuirassed. In one hand he holds a small globe. Encircling his profile is the inscription, known as the legend, D N CONSTANS P F AVG. This denotes the name of the Emperor, Constans and his title of  ‘Augustus’. The reverse presents an emotive scene of a helmeted Roman soldier, possibly Constans himself, with a threatening spear in his hand and advancing to the right with his head reverted. He drags a barbarian from a hut beneath the tree. The reverse side also presents an inscription FEL TEMP REPARATIO, which can be translated as “the restorer of happy times”.

INDIVIDUALLY PRICED. Please note this is a general lot and individual selection is not available.

Weight of the coins varies between 3.45g to 4.88g.

Diameter of the coins varies between 1.9cm to 2.1cm.

Date: AD 348-350
Provenance: From the Compton Dundon Hoard of Late Roman Coins
Condition: Fine condition. Slight patination to the surface.

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In 2017, a hoard of Late Roman coins was discovered in the village of Compton Dundon in Somerset, known as “The Compton Dundon Hoard”. The hoard of 564 base metal coins of the denomination “Nummus” (previously termed “Centenionalis”) was recorded as GLO-574C93 and declared as treasure under the UK’s Treasure Act. An important large part of the hoard are coins of the usurper Emperor Magnentius and his brother Decentius (AD 350-53) – the Christogram coins of the usurper Emperors are one of the most demonstrative of the Christian faith within Roman coinage. After being recorded and partially cleaned by the British Museum, a selection of the hoard was acquired by the Museum of Somerset.

Constans was the son of Constantine I, the Great. Constans became Caesar in AD 333 and he later succeeded his father, taking the title of Augustus in AD 337. During his rule he had to face some years of instability following the increasing tension with his brother Constantine II, who claimed control over his territories. Constans led some successful military campaigns, blocking the Sarmatians invasion in the north west. The subject of these coin refers to the Emperor’s success at stopping the invasion.

Weight 4.88 g
Dimensions W 2.1 cm




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