Selection of Roman Coins From The Normanby Hoard


Celebrating 35 years from the finding of the Normandy Hoard (1985),the biggest ever Roman coin hoard to be sold on the open market. A selection of Roman coins from three different Gallic Emperors; Postumus, Victorinus, Tetricus I and Tetricus II.

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Date: Circa 253-287 AD
Condition: Fine condition. The booklet will not be supplied with the coin, reference only.


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In December 1985 the large Normanby coin hoard was discovered by a farmer worker, Tom Cooke on the farmland owned by William Margrave situated 12 miles north of Lincoln. The hoard was discovered in a large earthware pot, which was used to hide the coins out of fear of the Empires economic and political state. Unfortunately, there is no evidence as to the owner of this fortune. Following 18 months of cleaning and studying the coins at the British Museum, they were returned back to the finder and landowner after being presented at Lincoln Cororner’s court. The entire hoard was sold to CJ Martin coins Ltd representing the largest intact hoard to be dispersed on the London Coin market.

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