Selection of Bohemond III Silver Denier


A fine selection of Crusader silver denier of Bohemond III, Antioch: the obverse features the profile head of a helmeted Crusader Knight facing left, wearing chain-mail with the legend BOAMVNDVS. The reverse displays a cross with a crescent moon in the second quarter of the background and the legend ANTIOCHIA.

Priced Individually. Please note this is a general lot and individual selection is not available.

Date: Circa AD 1163-1201
Condition: Fine condition.


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The first Crusade was proclaimed by Pope Urban II in 1095 with the intention of providing military support to the Byzantine Empire and to also help reclaim the Holy Land and previously formed Christian territories from Muslim rule. Although there were many successes from the earlier crusades, the latter were unprosperous with the capture of Acre by the Mamluk sultan in 1291 ending the Crusader rule. These coins were produced during King Bohemond III’s reign, he established his position after his father, the king, was killed leading a Crusader army during the battle of Inab in 1149 and his mothers exile. He was involved in many disputes among the Byzantines and the Kingdom of Jerusalem however he did successful defend Antioch when under attack by the Muslim forces.

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