Selection of Himyarites silver Scyphate Quinarius

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A selection of small Himyarite silver Scyphate Quinarius, struck under Amadan Bayyin. The obverse features a male beardless head, facing right with his hair in ringlets. A penannular torc frames the portrait. The reverse displays a small male head facing right with a forked sceptre-like symbol in the right field. The Sabatean inscription ‘MDNIBYNI” is visible around the coin with “RYDN” in exergue.

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Date: Circa 80-100 AD
Condition: Excellent condition

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These Himyarite AR coins are Scyphate Quinrius, struck in Raidan. The Himyarites, along the coast of modern day Yemen, were an important tribe within the Sabaean Kingdom who ruled from 115 BC until 525 AD. Over the years, the Himyarites expanded its boarders which in turn then consisted of many different individuals from different cultures. The Himyarites wanted to unite all the people and therefore the Sabaean language became predominately spoken. Also the religion of Judaism became the main belief however, this was not without its problems and did take over a hundred years for it to become apparent as each of the kingdoms overthrown had their own religion. Religion was seen as the focal point of battles between the three major kingdoms which included the Himyarites. However, this was almost a facade for the economical and political issues along with the spice route across India.



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