Selection of Pontius Pilate Bronze Prutah


A selection of bronze coins, minted in Jerusalem, under the governor Pontius Pilate and known as a prutah. The obverse features a curled staff motif, known as a Lituus, a wooden cult instrument used by Augers who interpreted omens. The legend surrounding the coin reads TIBEΡIOY KAICAΡOC, Caesar Tiberius. The reverse predominantly features a wreath encircling an inscription. The inscriptions seen here; LIZ and LIH refer to specific dates, year 29/30 and year 31 respectively.

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Date: Circa AD 26 - 37
Condition: Fine. Some wear due to age and loss around the edges.


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These bronze coins, known as prutah, were minted in Jerusalem under the government of Pontius Pilate and distributed in Judaea. The name of Pontius Pilate is infamous, known across cultures and religions. He is most famous for his involvement with the life and subsequent death of Jesus Christ, ordering the latter to death by crucifixion. He is obviously cited within the Christian gospels and within the Nicene Creed, attesting to his importance, however little is known of Pilate’s time as governor, as few historical records have survived. He was the fifth governor of Judaea and ruled there under the Emperor Tiberius from circa AD 26 – 37.

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Reference: For similar: The British Museum, London, item 1908,0110.530 and The British Museum, London, item 1908-0110-537

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