Xin Dynasty Wang Mang Huo Bu

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A finely modelled Xin Dynasty- Wang Mang – bronze Huo Bu 货布- spade money. Featuring a spade shape with a forked base. At the top, centred, is a loop for suspension. A raised line divides the spade in half vertically, starting from the base of the suspension to the top of the base. Each vertical side is decorated with Chinese characters. The reverse features the dividing line, but is otherwise unworked.

Date: Circa AD 9 - 23
Period: Xin Dynasty
Provenance: From a Surrey gentleman's collection (DG) formed 1990's onward
Condition: Very fine condition. Some earthly encrustations to surface


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Wang Mang, was the founder and only emperor of the Chinese Xin Dynasty. Within traditional Chinese historiography he is viewed as a tyrant and usurper, his reign being witness to large-scale peasant rebellions. At the start, Wang issued 28 different types of coins made from a range of materials; introducing four coinage reforms within fourteen years. Some of which aimed to imitate the spade money issued by the Zhou kings during the fifth century BC. However, having proved disastrous, the money-based economy came to a halt, forcing him to abolish all but two kinds of coins. Nevertheless, locals lost faith in the Xin coins and continued the use of Han coins. Spade money, such as this, was part of the coins reintroduced by Wang Mang.

Weight 18.6 g
Dimensions L 5.9 x W 2.4 cm



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