Roman Bronze Eagle On a Stag’s Head

£ 375.00

A rare Roman bronze fitting depicting an eagle. With its wings neatly folded, the eagle stands proudly between the antlers of a stag’s head, although one antler is broken above the ear and now missing. The details are finely modelled.

Date: Circa 1st - 3rd Century AD
Condition: One antler missing, otherwise complete and intact.


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The eagle was one of the most important symbols for the Ancient Roman army. Each Roman legion (consisting of around 5,200 soldiers) had one eagle standard to represent itself, and this could only be carried by an experienced and respected veteran. The morale of a legion would be severely undermined if it lost its eagle standard during the battle, and the legion would also be dismissed as a consequence. The loss of a standard was considered a significant defeat.

Weight 38.5 g
Dimensions H 3.9 cm



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