Chinese Song Tile with Hand Print Signature


A finely moulded Chinese terracotta grey pottery tile with a long robed female figure modelled in high relief, dating from the Song Dynasty period. The figure, which is depicted at the centre of the tile and enclosed within a florid border to the sides and top, is wearing a floor-length robe with a sash over her shoulders and holding a fan in both hands. Her hair is styled in a tall coiffure and she seems to be wearing a diadem or headpiece in front of her tall hairstyle. Facial features have worn with ageing. Traces of the original pigmentation is visible on the surface. The reverse of the tile features the potter’s full hand imprints side by side, acting as a maker’s mark.

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Date: 960-1279 AD
Period: Song Dynasty
Provenance: From a West Country, UK, collection; formerly in a Hong Kong collection formed 1970-1990s.
Condition: Fine condition, some chips to the bottom side and signs of wearing due to ageing. Traces of the original pigmentation visible on the item.

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Potters and especially tile-makers of the Song period sometimes ‘signed’ their work by means of impressing a flat hand, or both hands, onto the reverse. The Song Dynasty period is famous for its artistic achievements, both literary and visual, and is the most impressive era in later imperial Chinese history, in terms of cultural development. The Song Dynasty is well-known for its innovation of decorative ceramics and pottery.

Weight 4600 g
Dimensions L 29 cm

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