Gandhara Buddhist Stone Statuette

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A fragmentary Gandharan grey schist carving of an adorant. He is moustached and wears an elaborate headress and large necklace. The reverse is unmodelled. Mounted on a metal display stand (height with stand 19.8 cms).

Date: Circa 3rd-5th century AD.
Condition: Fine condition; hand missing and slight damage to left shoulder.


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Gandhara refers both to the Indian-Buddhist iconography which had been influenced by Greek artisans following the invasions of Alexander the Great, which came especially prominent from the time of Kanishka in the 2nd century till approximately the 5th century AD,  as well as to the geographical ancient kingdom of Peshawar which extended from the Swat valley to the Jalalabad area of Afghanistan.

Weight 486 g
Dimensions H 13.2 cm



Gandharan Ideology

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