Gandhara Lady Bearing Lotus Relief


A fragmentary Gandharan grey schist relief carved to show a robed female in procession, bearing a lotus head. Plain unsculptured reverse. Mounted on a purpose-made stand.

Date: Circa 2nd - 4th Century AD
Condition: Fine condition.

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The lotus symbolises absolute purity and was significant in the Hindu and Buddhist arts of India. Its emergence from impure and muddy water characterises purity and perfection, and provides a model for Buddhists aiming to live a life of honesty and purity. The lotus flower also denotes “absolute awareness”, as it opens and closes in response to the presence/absence of the sun.

To discover more about Gandharan Buddahs, please visit our relevant blog post:  The Influence of Greek Art on Gandharan Statues.

Weight 3650 g
Dimensions L 23.5 cm



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