Gandhara Stone Relief Scene From the Life Of Buddha


A fragmentary grey schist relief depicting four standing figures dressed in long robes, their hands together in the act of prayer and looking towards their right, presumably towards a now missing figure of Buddha. The back remains unmodelled. Mounted on a purpose-made stand.

Date: Circa 2nd-3rd century AD
Condition: Fine condition, two figures now almost completely sheered off; the remaining two figures with only minor damage.


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Gandhara refers to the Indian-Buddhist iconography which had been influenced by Greek artisans following the invasions of Alexander the Great, which came especially prominent from the time of Kanishka in the 2nd century till approximately the 5th century AD. It also refers to the geographical ancient kingdom of Peshawar extending from the Swat valley to the Jalalabad area of Afghanistan.

Weight 1600 g
Dimensions L 19.8 x H 15.5 cm

Gandharan Ideology