Gandharan Procession Scene with Garland Bearers


This beautiful grey schist Gandharan relief depicts nude garland bearers. The fine carving is slightly curved in nature, perhaps on account of its location on a building or curved monument. The relief features a canopy with carefully carved boxes along the overhanging border. The main scene shows a procession with four garland bearers, and the garlands are detailed, with flowers at their centre. Beneath the feet of the procession is a second lipped border with careful gradation of heights.

The measurements include the custom-made stand, which is included in the price. Measurements without the stand: L 23.5cm, H 9.5cm, W 5.5cm.

Date: Circa 2nd Century AD
Condition: Good condition, some damages to the lower pedestal.


This type of frieze was popular in many regions, and seems to have been a significant decorative motif. As much of Gandharan art focuses on the Buddha, it is likely that this frieze came from a wider scene, which depicted the religious leader.

To discover more about Gandharan Buddahs, please visit our relevant blog post:  The Influence of Greek Art on Gandharan Statues.

Weight 4250 g
Dimensions L 26.9 x W 10.8 x H 20 cm



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