Gandharan Stone Figure of Buddha Shakyamuni


A Gandharan grey schist figure of Buddha Shakyamuni. He is seated in vajrasana on a throne; his right hand is in abhayamudra; and his left hand is lowered, holding a bottle which contains the elixir of immortality. His face has an inwards drawn expression, with almond-shaped eyes, an aquiline nose and elongated earlobes. The hair is fashioned into an usnisa on the top and then extends over the ears. There is a halo behind. Reverse unmodelled. Mounted on a purpose-made stand.

Date: Circa 4th - 5th Century AD
Condition: Very fine condition generally; a little damage around the area of the usnisa and around his left knee.


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Gandhara is a term referring to the Indian-Buddhist iconography, which was influenced by Greek artisans after the eastern conquests of Alexander the Great. It was an artistic style which became particularly prominent from the time of Kanishka in the 2nd century until around the 5th century AD.  It also refers to the geographical ancient kingdom of Peshawar, which extended from the Swat valley to the Jalalabad area of Afghanistan.

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Gandharan Ideology