Roman Bronze Bust of Male Figure

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An Ancient Roman cast bronze bust applique of a male figure, portrayed wearing a conical headpiece, known as pilues pannonicus or Pannonian cap. Facial features and hair are rendered in a naturalistic manner, through a series of incised lines. Such applique might have been part of a larger composition or mounted on a piece of furniture or a jewellery box. It was the custom for the Ancient Romans, especially the wealthy, to have highly decorated everyday life objects, such as jewellery boxes or toiletries tables.

Date: Circa 3rd - 5th century AD
Condition: Extremely fine. The piece has been mounted on a custom-made stand ideal for display.


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The headpiece worn by the figure is known as a ‘pilues pannonicus’ or ‘Pannonian cap’. Such caps, made of leather and featuring a round, brimless shape, was worn my the Roman military and bureaucrats during the Late Roman Empire. Interestingly, the same hat can be seen worn by emperor Diocletian and his three imperial colleagues, in the Tetrarchs porphyry statue, situated in the corner of Venice’s Basilica di San Marco.

Weight 27.2 g
Dimensions W 2.6 x H 3.5 cm