Rare South Arabian Alabaster Camel


A realistically carved figurine of a dromedary in alabaster: it stands four-square with head erect. The ears, nostrils, mouth, and tail can be clearly seen, but the finer details are now worn. The figurine is mounted on a custom-made stand.

Date: Circa 300 - 100 BC
Condition: Fine condition, surfaces on the head a little irregular and a few minor repairs, otherwise complete and intact.

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Ancient South Arabia is a geographical label referring to a region occupied by six semitic kingdoms: Sabaʼ, Qatabān, Ma‘īn, Ḥaḍramawt, the Kingdom of Awsan, and the Himyarite Kingdom. The territory of these kingdoms corresponds to a modern-day area including Yemen, and extending into Oman, north to the Arabian oasis of Dedan, to Ethiopia, and even as far along as the East African Coast, into modern Tanzania.

Animals occupied a prominent place in ancient art across a number of civilisations and across a variety of media, including painting, pottery, and jewellery. Some animals were venerated, whilst others were sacrificed. Their depiction is thus endowed with significance in several contexts: in religious rituals, as mythical creatures, and as incarnations or symbols of gods and goddesses.


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Dimensions L 14.2 x H 12 cm



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