Tang Dynasty Terracotta Camel


A fine Tang Dynasty two-humped Bactrian camel featuring a hollow-moulded figure made from a pale orange terracotta with light brown slip. Standing on an openwork base, the camel is depicted on all four legs, with the neck arched in a typical stance.

Date: Circa 7th-8th century AD
Period: Tang Dynasty
Condition: Very fine condition generally; a few patches of slip now eroded, exposing the lighter clay below and other minor imperfections; with light earthy deposits.


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Items such as this one would have been placed within the tomb of the deceased. They may have been intended to perform a practical function (continuing to bear loads for their owner in the afterlife), or to serve as an acknowledgement of the deceased’s status as a trader. Perhaps he had made his wealth on the Silk Road, where camels were commonly used to carry goods through the high mountains, cold steppes, and inhospitable deserts.

Weight 350.2 g
Dimensions W 11.3 x H 14.5 cm


Pottery and Porcelain


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