Canaanite Bronze Anthropomorphic Idol


A Near Eastern-Canaanite period cast bronze statuette, depicting a male figure, portrayed standing with both arms bent forward in the typical pose of worship or pray, and with his straight legs firmly planted on a small plinth. Facial features have been rendered in a stylised and crude manner, with wide open eyes and a straight nose. Bronze statuettes of idols and worshippers, such as this fine example, would have been placed in graves, temples or private shrines for devotion.

Date: Circa 2nd Millennium BC
Condition: Fine and rare example, with some earthly encrustations and thick patina to the surface.


The Canaanites were ancient people inhabiting the land of Canaan, modern day Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Bronze statuettes would have been cast in the shape of idols, worshippers or deities; the two most important gods of the Canaanite religion included the storm god Baal and the head of the Canaanite pantheon, the god El, usually represented seated. Both gods were highly worshipped across the Near East in the 2nd Millennium BC.

Weight 14.2 g
Dimensions L 2.0 x H 7.9 cm



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