Ancient Greek Bronze Feline Figurine


An Ancient Greek bronze figurine of a feline, possibly a lion. The animal is presented in a resting pose, lying with all its paws carefully tucked under its body. The feline has its mouth open and its ears are perked up. The anatomical features like snout, eyes, short tail have been rendered in a stylised way but very convincingly. This statuette has been mounted on a custom-made stand.

Date: 3rd-1st century BC
Provenance: Ex private P.A. collection acquired in 1990s
Condition: Very fine condition, with surface patination and encrustation in areas.


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It was the custom for the Ancient Greeks, especially the wealthy, to have highly decorated everyday life objects. Bronzes of this type might have been modelled in the shape of zoomorphic creature, mythological heroes, gods and goddesses. In the Classical world, lions carried a strong association with Heracles, as he famously encountered the Nemean Lion as one of his Twelve Labours. After defeating the beast, Heracles skinned it and wore its coat for the rest of his life as a symbol of his strength and victory.

Weight 32.3 g
Dimensions L 4.5 x W 1.7 x H 4.2 cm



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