Seljuk Bronze Lion Group

A selection of Seljuk Dynasty period bronze lions, featuring stylised bodies with rearing heads. Each covered with deep green patination. INDIVIDUALLY PRICED.

Date: Circa 11th - 14th century AD
Provenance: Ex important Mayfair collection, 1970-1999.
Condition: Good Condition. Some erosion to metal on item A.
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The Seljuks Empire, generally regarded as the ancestral foundation of modern-day Turkey, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, was a Persio-Turkish nation founded in the 11th century AD. The Empire originated from the Oghuz Turks, made up of 24 tribes, and specifically from the Kinik branch. They originally lived in the Kazakh Steppe of Turkestan but in the 10th century they migrated south stretching their power over the main part of the middle east. The name of the Empire stems from the founding warlord, known as Seljuk Beg, who led his tribe into the new territory.

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