Bronze Age Levantine Idol


A bronze idol depicting a joined couple with outstretched arms, each with a simplified flat face and a distinct flat nose. The sculpture features an elongated body and is standing on a small plinth; the reverse of the statuette is flat and unmodelled.

Date: Circa 18th - 17th Century BC
Condition: Fine condition, much encrusted with desert accretions.


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An idol is an image or material object representing a deity admired and adored by the worshipper. Ritualistic religious practice has been an integral part of daily life across numerous historical periods and civilisations across the world: a great number of deities were venerated with offerings or temples edified in their honour.

Weight 312 g
Dimensions H 10.1 cm



Reference: Item 109; Idols, The Beginning of the Abstract Form; Ariadne Galleries; 1989