Egyptian Bronze Statue of Osiris

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An extremely fine Ancient Egyptian solid bronze statuette of the god Osiris, dating back to the Late Period. The figure stands in mummiform pose with his typical attributes, which include the royal bear, the flail and the hedjet, the white crown of pharaonic Upper Egypt, enriched by a central uraeus. Facial and anatomical features are rendered in an naturalistic manner, with much attention given towards details.

Date: Circa 712-323 BC
Period: Late Period
Provenance: Christie's, 7th December 1994, lot 35
Condition: Excellent condition, beautiful dark olive green patina to the surface. Mounted on a custom made stand.


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Osiris was one of the most popular Ancient Egyptian gods, and was connected with male fertility. He was said to have been the first Pharaoh of Egypt, but was murdered by his brother, Seth, for his crown. Osiris was revived by Isis, his wife and sister, to conceive Horus, the son who would avenge his death. After death, Osiris became ruler of the Underworld and god of the dead, which is why he is often shown with the crook or flail – the symbols of authority for Egyptian rulers. The flail in particular was used to symbolise the fertility of the land.

Weight 660 g
Dimensions H 17.9 cm

Egyptian Mythology



Reference: For similar, see The Metropolitan Museum, New York, Item X.352.4