Greek Terracotta Figurine of Silenus


A Greek terracotta figurine of a frontal crouched Silenus. The figure is depicted as a nude and bearded old man, with a bald head, fat cheeks, and rotund belly. The original pink and white pigmentation is still visible on the figure’s body and face.

Date: 4th - 3rd Century BC
Condition: Very fine condition; signs of ageing on the surface; original pigmentation still visible.


Silenus was the rustic god of wine-making and drunkenness, and always depicted as an old man. He was the foster father, tutor, and companion of the god, Dionysus, who was entrusted to Silenus’ care by Hermes after his birth from the thigh of Zeus. Silenus rode in the train of Dionysus, seated on the back of a donkey, and it was believed that he could predict the future when intoxicated.

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Weight 69.70 g
Dimensions L 8 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


Greek Mythology

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