Old Babylonian Pottery Goddess Ishtar Statuette


An Old Babylonian votive pottery figurine of exceptionally fine detail, depicting the naked goddess, Ishtar. She wears an ornate headdress and bracelets on her wrists, with her hands held clasped to the front below her breasts. The reverse is flat and unmodelled.
The figurine is supplied with a wooden stand (height with stand 11.7 cms).

Date: Circa 2nd half of the 2nd millenium BC
Condition: Very Fine condition


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Ishtar (Akkadian), Astarte (Phoenician), or Inanna (Sumerian) was the most important female deity in Mesopotamia throughout the second millennium BC. She was identified with the planet Venus and with the sunrise, and was recognised as the goddess of both sexual love and warfare. The Greeks identified her with Aphrodite.

Weight 61 g
Dimensions H 9.5 cm

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