Phoenician Bronze Statuette of Harpocrates


A bronze figurine depicting the Egyptian god, Harpocrates. He is standing nude, with the finger of his right hand held to his mouth and holding a (fragmentary) cornucopia in the crook of his left arm. Supplied with a custom-made metal stand (height with stand 9.2 cms).

Date: Circa 4th-2nd century BC
Condition: Very fine condition; facial details a little worn, upper portion of cornucopia missing.


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Harpocrates was the Greek rendition of the Egyptian god, Horus: depicted as a naked infant with his finger on his chin and fingertip just below his lips. This was originally interpreted as a childish gesture, but later as an invitation to silence, thereby preventing the divulging of secrets related to his cult’s initiation. In the Hellenistic age, when the cult was widespread, Harpocrates assumed the appearance of the Greek god, Eros, with plump figure and curled hair. According to ancient mythology and culture, the cornucopia was a symbol of good fortune, fertility, and abundance. The world derives from the Latin word ‘cornus’, meaning “horn”, and ‘copia’, which means “abundance”.



Weight 227 g
Dimensions H 7.8 cm
Greek Mythology




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