Roman Bronze Statuette of Cupid on a Goat


A finely modelled Ancient Roman cast bronze statuette depicting the winged god Eros riding a goat. The deity is portrayed in a naturalistic manner, with much attention given towards the rendering of details, such as the deity’s wings. The goat, also rendered in a naturalistic manner, stands on a flattened platform. A harmonic and graceful composition, testifying not only the high quality of Roman bronzes but also the assimilation of mythological scenes into objects of everyday life.

Date: Circa 1st-3rd Century AD
Condition: Extremely fine with some earthly incrustations to the surface, two minor cracks to the base. The piece has been mounted on a custom-made stand, ideal for display.

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Eros, known as Cupid in the Roman pantheon, riding an animal was a particularly loved decorative motif by the Romans, used in different variants and appearing in different supports, such as intaglio, frescos, mosaics, oil lamps and bronze statuettes. Eros riding a goat can be interpreted in reference to the god Dionysus, or Bacchus for the Romans. In several Dionysian and Seasons sarcophagi dating to the Roman Empire period, Erotes have been portrayed joyfully riding or in the company of goats, perfectly insert in bucolic scenes. Such iconography might be also linked to the cult of Aphrodite Pandemos, who appears riding a goat herself. Furthermore, a beautiful mosaic, now at the National Museum in Rome, shows Cupid riding the sea-goat Aegipan, associated with the constellation of Capricorn.

Weight 27.9 g
Dimensions L 2.8 x H 4.3 cm



Roman Mythology

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