Romano-Egyptian Terracotta Figurine of Goddess Venus


A hollow moulded terracotta figure depicting the goddess Venus wearing an elaborate headdress.  She is shown standing, holding a palm frond in her left hand and a wreath in her right. The back is decorated with grooves and a raised element in the cente which may represent a sea-shell. The base is close over. Mounted on a purpose-made metal stand (height including stand 11 cms).


Date: Circa 1st century BC/AD.
Period: Roman-Egyptian
Condition: Very Fine. Such figures were never sharp in detail when coming from a mould.


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Venus was an ancient Italian goddess associated with fields and gardens, who was  later identified by the Romans with the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite and she became associated as a goddess of fertility, victory and even prostitution.

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Weight 761 g
Dimensions W 5.8 x H 7.8 cm



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