Chalcolithic Marble Stargazer Head

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A small, prehistoric Anatolian marble head of the kiliya type. Of highly stylised geometric form, the marble head is elliptical, with a faintly defined nose and sylphic ears perceptible. Sold with purpose-made stand.

Date: Circa 3300 - 2500 BC
Condition: Fragment from a larger statue, otherwise intact, with light encrustations.


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Originally from a standing figure, kiliya idols are often termed ‘stargazers’, on the basis of the backwards tilt of the head, as if looking up to the heavens. This enigmatic artefact is a good example of its type. Though their true purpose is now lost to us, the unnatural form of the kiliya suggests some manner of supernatural representation. Indeed, their lasting popularity indicates that they maintained an important meaning to the inhabitants of Bronze Age Anatolia throughout the centuries. Excavations undertaken in the ancient city of Troy have revealed relatively few stargazer figures preserved in their entirety, but fragments (mostly heads) were far more prevalent. It appears that pieces such as this were being preserved as relics by the inhabitants of the city – remnants of a forgotten past.

Dimensions H 3.5 cm



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Reference: For a similar item, The J. Paul Getty Museum, item 88.AA.122.