Marble Stargazer Head


Miniature head of a stargazer figurine. When viewed frontally, it is possible to see the head inclined as it would have been when attached to the rest of the figure.

Date: 2200 - 1500 BC
Condition: Fine condition; fragment.


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Stargazer figures, also referred to as the ‘Kiliya type’, are one of the earliest kinds of sculpture which aim to evoke the human form. There are only about fifteen intact or near-intact figures of this kind known to remain worldwide. The term ‘stargazer figure’ refers to the slight upwards tilt of the head resting on the figure’s slim neck. They are typically associated with the Chalcolithic period, and are one of the most highly-regarded forms of prehistoric sculpture.

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Reference: For a similar item, The J. Paul Getty Museum, item 88.AA.122.

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