Mesopotamian Terracotta Votive Figurine


An Ancient Mesopotamian light terracotta female figurine depicting a fertility or Mother goddess, portrayed standing with her arms held upward, exposing her breasts. The figure’s body appears extremely abstract and facial features, such ads the rounded eyes and hooked nose, are rendered in a stylised manner. The figure’s exposed breast strongly associate the figure with fertility practicies.

Date: Circa 3rd Millennium
Condition: Fine, with earthly encrustations to the surface.

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Terracotta was a favoured material for idols in Ancient Mesopotamian regions. These types of figurines usually have columnar and flat bodies with heads and torsos decorated with appliqués and incisions. Some of them might have represented gods, particularly female deities that ensured fertility. Due to the protruding nose, figurines such as this are characterised as having bird-like faces. Terracotta figurines of Mother goddess have been recovered in graves, temples and under the floor of houses.


Weight 284.5 g
Dimensions H 15 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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