Fine Classical Greek Terracotta Statuette

£ 1,100.00

A hollow-moulded terracotta statuette of a woman. This piece is of exceptional quality, with the woman shown standing on a low dais, and wearing the polos headdress. Below the headdress we can see her curly hair, which is neatly parted and falling in one clearly defined tress over each shoulder. She wears the traditional himation over a thin chiton, her feet just showing below. There is a wide rectangular hollow to the reverse. An exquisite specimen.

Date: Circa 5th - 4th Century BC
Provenance: Ex collection Professor Robert McElderry (1869-1949) acquired in Greece in the 1930's; private UK collection acquired from the above.
Condition: Very fine condition; light restoration to the centre, otherwise complete and intact; slight traces of white slip.


The himation and chiton were garments traditionally used to denote the iconography of a citizen, immediately marking out this woman’s legal status, and suggesting her to be a model citizen. This suggestion is further emphasised by her neat, orderly hairstyle and by her modesty: indeed, only her feet peek out from below her dress.

Weight 400.00000000 g
Dimensions H 29 cm


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