Greek Terracotta Figurine of a Boy Squatting


A pale pink moulded terracotta statuette of a boy. Although the details are quite worn, we can discern that he is naked and squatting on a rectangular base, with his right leg drawn up and left leg bent around in front of him. His left arm falls by his side, the hand resting on the ground, and his right hand rests on his right knee. The piece is mounted on a simple wood stand (height with stand: 9.8 cms).

Date: 4th Century BC
Condition: Very fine condition; complete and intact; traces of the of white slip remaining and light accretions.

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The figurine is of a well-known type and the notes from the British Museum collection (see details in references) suggest that the type recalls the earlier Rhodian squatting boys. On the figurine, we can see the traces of the original pigment with which it would have been painted. Virtually all Greek sculpture would have been painted in a polychromatic colour scheme.

Weight 80 g
Dimensions H 6.7 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


Reference: See Catalogue of the Terracottas in the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities, British Museum by R. A. Higgins; items 835-837.

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