Greek Terracotta Figurine of a Seated Man


A finely-crafted, Greek terracotta figurine of a seated young man. The figure is shown bare chested, reclining on a tensed left arm to support the body, whilst the right arm rests lightly on the right knee. He wears a long drape upon his shoulders, and traces of the original paint are visible, particularly on the hair.

Date: 4th - 3rd Century BC
Condition: Fine condition; signs of ageing on the surface; original pigmentation still visible.

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The pose of the figure, appearing to lean back, may refer to the typically Greek and Roman practice of reclining to dine, drink, and converse. We can imagine the youth lying back on a kline (“dining couch”) to enjoy a feast with his companions. All Greek sculpture was originally produced in polychrome, and the traces of original pigmentation still visible on this terracotta figure provide insight into how Greek statuary might once have been decorated.

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Weight 39.20 g
Dimensions H 7 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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