Haasanlu Votive Bronze Sculpture of A Man Riding A Horse


A finely cast bronze sculpture, depicting a male warrior riding a horse, displaying prominent stylistic features that are distinctively known to Hasanlu metal objects of the Iron Age. Both the zoomorphic and anthropological figures are portrayed in a naturalistic manner, with much attention given to the realistic renderings of the horse’s strong physique and anatomical details. The warrior is portrayed holding the harness and features incised facial detailing. The reins are presented by two ridges, slightly protruding from the surface.

This object comes with a customised modern stand.

Date: Circa 9th-7th century BC
Provenance: From the SM deceased London/Israel Collection formed during 1970-99
Condition: Fine condition, covered with attractive patina. Some detailing are slightly worn due to ageing.

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Hansanlu is an important Iron Age archaeological site, located in in the Gadar river valley, to which a wide range of finely executed metal objects have been found. Hansanlu and Luristan, were the most prosperous sites of the middle eastern Iron Age , having been known for the excellent craftsmanship of their bronze works and for influencing each other with their distinctive aesthetic traditions. Miniature bronze figurines have been found extensively in burials of the Iron Age II- III. Despite multiple assumptions having been made regarding their functions, scholars tend to believe that these bronze subcultures might have been used as votive offerings by the Iron Age elites.

Weight 339.9 g
Dimensions L 8.8 x W 5 x H 10.1 cm



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