Hellenistic Terracotta of an Old Man

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The piece is delightfully ambiguous, though on account of the beard, it seems most likely that this terracotta simply depicts a male, rather than a dwarf (as has been suggested). The body has narrow shoulders, merged legs and arms, and a bulbous stomach. The man’s ears are slightly larger than is typically proportional, adding charm and character to the piece. Stand is included in the price.

Date: 4th - 3rd Century BC
Condition: Fine condition; a few small hairline fractures.


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All the features that render this figure veristic – for example, his rotund belly and his large ears – are typical of the Hellenistic period to which it is dated. During the Hellenistic period, statuettes like this one moved away from the heightened, idealistic images of the Classical period, and instead opted for a style which promoted realism.

Weight 58.37000000 g
Dimensions W 3.4 x H 8.2 cm

Pottery and Porcelain