Tang Dynasty Lady Equestrian


A finely-sculpted Tang Dynasty hollow figurine in pale orange terracotta, depicting a horse with a lady rider. The horse stands on a rectangular base in an alert pose with ears pricked, its mouth open showing the teeth. The tail is shown docked and bound. The rider is an elegant female, dressed in a low-cut tunic which reaches part way down her thighs, with long flowing sleeves that conceal the hands, a wide strap high around the waist. Her hair is finely coiffured with a topknot. The original rich orangey-red pigments are still visible, and the details of her lips, eyes, and eyebrows have been picked out in red and black.

Date: 618-906 AD
Period: Tang Dynasty
Condition: Generally Very Fine. The rider is well preserved. The horse has a break to the neck which has been neatly repaired, as well as to one of the ears. Much of the original white slip remains though areas have been eroded. Otherwise complete and intact.


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The modelling of the lady is beautifully rendered, and instinctively imparts a sense of grace and elegance. Pottery figures such as this can provide us with interesting insights into the dress and habits of individuals in the various societal classes of the day. The figure would have made a tasteful addition to the entourage accompanying the owner in his journey through the afterlife.

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Weight 3.25 g
Dimensions H 44.5 cm



Pottery and Porcelain

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