Luristan Bronze Figurine of an Ibex


An ancient Luristan cast bronze figurine of an ibex, portrayed standing on four shorts legs and featuring an elongated body. The animal’ facial and anatomical features are rendered in an extremely stylised manner.

Date: Circa 1800-600 BC
Condition: Fine, with green patina and earthly encrustations to the surface.

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Luristan bronze comes from areas of modern day western Iran. In the ancient world it was settled by a number of peoples, such as the Medes, the Kassites, and eventually the Persians. Due to the nomadic nature of many of these civilisations, none of the Luristan bronzes were of great size, since it was required for them to be light and portable. Statuettes of local fauna, such as this interesting example, have been largely recovered from Luristan burials.

To discover more about the Luristan Empire, please visit our relevant blog post: The Luristan Empire: Beauty of Bronze.

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Dimensions L 4.4 x H 2.6 cm



Reference: For a similar item, The Metropolitan Museum, item 64.99.

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